Presence and Orientation of IC Chips Seated in Nests

The compact LM laser measurement sensor reliably inspects multiple statuses with one compact device

Integrated circuit (IC) chips must be seated entirely and right side up in nests for presentation to a test station.  Due to the small size of the targets, a precise measurement solution is required to ensure that each chip is present and oriented correctly in each nest. The LM laser measurement sensor solves this challenging application.

In semiconductor manufacturing, integrated circuit chips are tested one at a time for functionality and performance. The IC chips are placed in a nest and then delivered to the test station. And, to finish the test processes correctly, the chips must be completely seated and right side up in the nests.

There are several common failure modes in this application: no chip in a nest, one chip tilted in the nest (creating a small height difference), two chips stacked in one nest, and a chip upside down in the nest. Multiple sensors are often required to identify these failures. However, test stations do not have space for large vision systems or many sensors.  Also, the nests of chips move quickly, which can be difficult for many sensors to track. A quick measurement solution is needed to ensure optimal machine throughput.

The LM laser distance sensor reliably inspects multiple conditions with one compact device and can verify both chip presence and orientation.  Besides, with a 4 kHz (0.25 ms) sampling rate, the LM can reliably solve this high-speed application with fast-moving targets. 

Your Benefits

  • Reduction of sensor and maintenance expenditures due to the featured variety
  • Greater precision during IC chip inspection thanks to a resolution of 0.004 mm and linearity of +/-0.06 mm
  • Reliable checks despite ambient temperature fluctuations

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