Multiproduct Light-Guided Assembly Station

The versatile PTL110 Series pick-to-light device reduces the number of errors, expedites build time, and makes training simple and easy

Assembly of multiple parts at one station can be a very effective way to build components for various models, but it also presents many challenges that must be addressed before accurate assembly and high throughput is possible. Versatile PTL110 Series pick-to-light devices can be used for error proofing and guidance during part assembly.

Guided Part Assembly

Errors can be very common when parts are manually assembled and there is a demand for a variety of different parts. Similar components and hard-to-follow instructions may lead to human error during production which then slows down the entire process and introduces defects. Using pick-to-light sensors at multiproduct assembly stations lessens the number of inaccuracies, speeds up build time, and makes training simple and easy.

Your Benefits

  • More efficient assembly processes because of reduced errors and increased speed
  • Fast and easy training procedures due to a color-based system
  • Simple connectivity and many application possibilities offer high flexibility

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